A Night of Memorable Laughter and Entertainment

The UNPROVOKED event in Winnipeg proved to be an epic night of laughter, entertainment, and unforgettable moments, despite a minor delay in Basketmouth’s arrival. The true stars of the evening were MC Morris and a talented lineup of comedians who thrilled the audience with their hilarious and relatable jokes. Their performances had everyone in fits of laughter, creating an atmosphere of pure joy. The event also saw the gathering of Winnipeg’s finest, including influential personalities who rarely attend such events. Notably, the event provided a unique platform for Nigerian SME businesses to showcase their offerings, creating a valuable networking opportunity. The audience was a mix of different generations, from Gen Z to Millennials and Gen X, and they were treated to captivating performances by young and upcoming artists. The delightful meal by AFV Kitchen was the talk of the night, leaving guests impressed with its taste and presentation. To preserve the memories, individual clips from the photobooth session are available for download through the attached link, ensuring that the laughter and happiness of the event can be relived time and time again.


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